Kitsch Goes to the 1950s

Kitsch 'n Sync is jumping into the 50s!

This coming August, we have booked three separate events to perform at here in Kelowna and they specifically want music from the 1950s. Good thing we have those fabulous wigs!

Wow, what a great group of song selections! Some of the newer pieces we are working on this month in preparation for our gigs are:

Mamma Said


Johnny Angel

Mr. Postman

Eddie My Love

Dedicated To The One I Love

This era is so lovely as it really was a much sweeter and gentler time in our history. The song sentiments are so adorable and innocent. And we just LOVE the tight vocal harmonies from this era! Rehearsal is tonight and amid the laughter that is a regular part of our Kitsch get togethers, we're so looking forward to singing these great songs.

Kitsch 'n Sync is a three-part vocal harmony group in Kelowna, BC and is available for private parties, anniversaries, weddings and corporate events.

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